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AIA dispute resolution revisions raise questions

Contracts developed by the American Institute of Architects often serves as a foundation for agreements between parties on a construction project in Missouri. Every 10 years, the organization revises documents, and it has added language to documents A101, B101 and A201 that is raising new questions and concerns.

Colorado Supreme Court rules on construction defect case

Builders in Colorado may have been in a celebratory mood on June 5 when the state's Supreme Court ruled on a landmark construction defect dispute. The case involved how the declarations for projects can be changed, and the justices ruled by a 5-2 majority that a homeowners association was wrong to file a lawsuit before first obtaining the builder's consent to change a binding arbitration provision.

Change may be ahead for construction defect lawsuits

If a bill that passed the Colorado House on April 24 also passes the Senate, homeowners associations will be required to let condominium owners decide whether they want to be involved in class action lawsuits. The condo market has slowed in the last few years partly because of lawsuits filed by homeowners associations. Builders claimed that it had become too easy to file frivolous lawsuits.

City plans to use golf course for flood control

There is a controversy over plans to use a golf course in Colorado to control floodwaters during major storms. On April 6, Denver Public Works announced that it would move forward with plans to use the City Park Golf Course to hold and slow floodwaters in the event of major storms. Denver Public Works held almost 90 meetings before reaching the decision.

Company sued for $300 million fighting back

Kansas residents may be interested in a major breach of contract action currently pending in a California courtroom. In the suit, Santa Clara County alleged that Turner Construction breached its contract to build an expansion for the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

Oil and gas industry legal representation

For companies like yours that are involved in the oil and gas industry, Kansas is a good location for constructing pipelines and other oil and gas needs due to its location near the oil fields of North Dakota, Colorado and Texas. Consequently, many large oil and gas industry corporations use the state as an area to take care of their infrastructure needs.

Condo and homeowners association legal services

Many construction companies are in the business of building new condominium and housing developments. Once construction is done, though, the maintenance and upkeep of those neighborhoods usually falls to the condominium or homeowners association. If the construction company cut corners to reduce costs or speed up construction time, then the homeowners association could have a host of legal issues that it needs to work through. If you're on a condominium or homeowners association, then it's important that you have an experienced legal partner who can help you navigate the process of correcting construction problems.

Assessing liability for construction defects

Homeowners in Kansas might have an interest in understanding more about the legal liability associated with defective construction work. Complaints for these types of defects may be filed against engineers, architects, suppliers, subcontractors, contractors or other professionals involved in constructing a home. Complaints are usually filed by the injured party as an attempt to have the defect rectified without incurring additional costs.

Our condo association was faced with monumental construction issues thanks to the original developer of our complex. We were cash poor and in no position to get legal representation without a contingency fee arrangement. Luckily for us, Scott Long and Burke Robinson were willing to take us on as clients. Their work ethic, professionalism and knowledge of condominium construction served our association very well. Any association would be well served in hiring these gentlemen to represent them.

Board of Directors - Plaza Gardens on the Lake Condominium Owners’ Association Lake of the Ozarks, MO

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