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Real estate experts predict property trends

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2015 | Uncategorized

Real estate investments made in Kansas and around the country are usually driven by long term goals. Predicting future societal and economic trends is rarely easy, but the Counselors of Real Estate produces a list each year that attempts to do just that. The Chicago-based membership organization of real estate advisers released their latest predictions on June 24, and demographic shifts and an influx of mainly foreign capital are the two factors the group feels will have the biggest impact on property values during the year ahead.

The organization feel that retiring baby boomers as well as millennials entering the property market will greatly influence real estate trends in the coming year. Property markets in popular retirement destinations like Arizona and Florida could see improvements, and retirement homes or assisted living facilities may become more attractive to commercial property investors. Millennials across the country could influence real estate prices by either buying their first home or deciding to wait.

The group also feels that the flow of excess capital entering the United States from overseas will likely continue during the next 12 months. Much of this money comes from areas with volatile markets and high savings rates, and American real estate is seen as a sound long-term investment. While this money has generally flowed into real estate developments in major American cities, some observers are now noticing that opportunities in smaller markets have started to attract the attention of foreign investors.

Understanding the market and predicting trends is important for real estate investors and developers, but planning involves scrutinizing mistakes as well as looking ahead. Real estate attorneys could call upon their experiences handling zoning difficulties, construction disputes and regulatory issues to help property developers to avoid these setbacks and allow them to focus on the future.