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Minority-owned company completes major airport hotel project

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2016 | Commercial Real Estate

The achievement of Burgess Services, Inc. should inspire minority-owned companies in Missouri to take on big projects. By paying the high premiums for surety bonds and assuming 100 percent of the risk on the mechanical and plumbing construction of a 519-room airport hotel and transit center in Colorado, Burgess Services was awrded the $39.6 million construction contract in 2013. Taking on this risk meant that the company accepted responsibility for problems and failures that might result from its work.

Projects of that scale are normally beyond the means of minority-operated companies, but the CEO of Burgess Services managed to pull together the resources. Her company had been in business for 41 years, and it was in a position to pursue the contract for the hotel. She expressed her pride in breaking a path for other minority-owned businesses to follow.

By all accounts, Burgess Services performed very well. No recordable safety incidents occurred under its management during construction. The company oversaw 11 subcontractors and managed mechanical installations, control testing and smoke testing. The manager for the entire hotel and transit center project praised the oversight provided by Burgess Services. He said the hard work of the Burgess team pleased all involved.

Any commercial development project requires the management of many details. An attorney familiar with commercial real estate law typically advises a company involved in a construction project. A contractor or developer could discuss issues like surety bonds with an attorney. Details such as how much coverage could be needed and the exact terms of liability could be explained.

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