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Top dental suppliers in trouble with FTC

Each year, approximately 85 percent of the 10 billion dollars spent in Missouri and around the country on dental products and services is dominated by three massive companies. Recently, these same companies came under fire from the Federal Trade Commission for allegedly violating antitrust laws. The complaint states the three dental suppliers conspired to refuse discounts to large purchasing groups who sell products and services to smaller individual and group dental practices.

Media company accused of breaching fiduciary duty

Corporate board members and other officials in Colorado and throughout the United States have a responsibility, or a fiduciary duty, to act in the best interests of others; in this case, they specifically must act to preserve the value of the corporation. When corporate officials engage in insider trading or other deals that could be detrimental to the value of the company as a whole, this can be a breach of fiduciary duty to other shareholders, even when some shareholders may benefit from the arrangement.

Contracts and AI software

Business owners in Missouri and around the country who routinely enter into contracts may be aware of how difficult it can be to keep up with them. According to estimates, inefficient contracting is responsible for a loss of 5 to 40 percent of the value of a deal. However, due to technological advancements, specifically artificial intelligence, businesses may be able to meet the challenges.

Family businesses can be a cause of conflict

Entrepreneurs in Missouri may enjoy their business partnerships and ventures with friends and family. The people involved share common commitments, not only to the business but also to each other. However, there can be complicated and difficult problems that arise in family businesses or partnerships between friends. In these cases, the close personal and emotional ties can make resolving the business issue more complex due to issues that arise from the underlying relationship.

Apple accused of slowing older iPhones to boost sales

Missouri residents may be aware that recent tests performed by a Geekbench developer revealed that updating the iOS operating system on older iPhones hindered the performance of the devices considerably. Apple subsequently admitted that it was slowing older models to extend battery life, but critics of the Cupertino-based technology giant believe the real motive for the throttling was higher sales. Litigation is often the end result when companies with large cash reserves are accused of acting improperly, and Apple now faces at least nine class action lawsuits.

State Farm could be liable in accident case

Missouri residents may understand that businesses are looking to save money whenever possible. However, they may also understand that saving money today may ultimately result in paying more in the future. John Eagle Collision center was reportedly pressured by State Farm to use glue when repairing a 2010 Honda Fit despite the repair manual saying that welds were required. By using glue instead of welds, the overall repair work cost $3,000 less to complete.

Bunny battle results in legal action

While Missouri residents may be particularly familiar with the renowned Energizer Bunny, they might be surprised to learn that Duracell, a major competitor of Energizer, has allegedly used a similar pink bunny in its own advertising. Because of the supposed use of this feature in Duracell packaging appearing in U.S. retail locations in the latter half of 2015, Energizer has filed suit against Duracell and its former parent company.

Our condo association was faced with monumental construction issues thanks to the original developer of our complex. We were cash poor and in no position to get legal representation without a contingency fee arrangement. Luckily for us, Scott Long and Burke Robinson were willing to take us on as clients. Their work ethic, professionalism and knowledge of condominium construction served our association very well. Any association would be well served in hiring these gentlemen to represent them.

Board of Directors - Plaza Gardens on the Lake Condominium Owners’ Association Lake of the Ozarks, MO

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