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The complex realm of construction law: role of a proven law firm

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2014 | Construction Litigation

A lay person — and even a lawyer — without specialized experience or a relevant background in construction-related matters might be flatly overwhelmed by the inherent scope and complexity of the industry.

Merely considering and understanding the respective interests of the major participants — as well as who those actors are — can be challenging. Commercial developers are of significant importance in construction projects across the Kansas City area and nationally. Condominiums bring a special set of needs and concerns, as do contractors, subcontractors, business owners, homeowner associations, public entities, lenders, insurance companies and many other participants. The field is crowded, and interaction can be complex and frenetic.

Logically, it can also give rise to legal disputes, given the sheer number of issues that can surface in any building project.

Scheduled work can be delayed for various reasons, which might — or might not — be deemed contractually justifiable. Defects in construction — ranging from design and materials used to functional problems and shoddy workmanship — can plague a project. Payment and financing issues routinely surface, as do issues regarding liquidated damages and termination. Contractual negotiation, drafting, interpretation and enforcement can all become focal points for disputes.

As a law firm with attorneys who collectively command many decades of experience in all legal facets of the construction industry, we know well the many potential sources of construction litigation.

Indeed, we anticipate them and have helped a broad range of industry clientele deal effectively with the challenges that face them.

We are Long & Robinson LLC, a full-service construction law firm in the fullest sense of that term. With due pride, we represent our clients with passion, energy and proven legal capabilities.

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