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Construction defects in Kansas City

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2015 | Construction Litigation

Whether you are a property owner or a contractor, construction defects in newly constructed properties can lead to significant financial losses when they are discovered. Property owners, including condominiums, apartment buildings, homeowners associations and others, stand to lose significant amounts of money in the costs of repairs. Contractors who are accused of construction defects who are either uninsured or who do not have adequate insurance coverage could lose thousands of dollars in the event of litigation.

Construction defects are not always immediately apparent. When they later come to light, their effects can be devastating to your bottom line. Some defects are potentially so poor that they may threaten the integrity of your structure. Whether you are a contractor that needs to fight against an allegation of construction defects in a project you completed or a property owner that is dealing with the effects of defective property construction, you will need a strong understanding of this niche area in order to protect yourself through litigation.

If you are a contractor who has insurance, you may have concerns that the insurance company’s provided lawyer does not fully understand the construction defect area of law. You may want some help to ensure they have a thorough understanding of how to defend against these types of cases, but you may not know where to turn.

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in construction defect litigation claims. We have a thorough understanding of the burdens of proof required in this area of law, as well as how the cases should be presented. We sometimes serve as advisory counsel to ensure an insurance company’s lawyer understands how to approach our clients’ matters. Because this area of law can be very complex, we have gathered more information on our construction defects lawyers page.