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Kansas Lottery Commission grants extension on casino project

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2015 | Business Litigation, Construction Defects

A brewing legal battle between the developers of the Kansas Crossing Casino and the Castle Rock Casino has pushed back the proposed opening of Kansas Crossing Casino from July 2016 to October 2016. The state’s lottery accepted the developer’s request to move the opening date.

The delay has emerged from Castle Rock’s disapproval of the state’s decision that granted a state-owned casino license to Kansas Crossing Casino instead of the Castle Rock project. The Cherokee County Commission opposed the decision to award the development at the intersection of Highway 69 and Highway 400 to Kansas Crossing. A temporary injunction halted construction while the lawsuit from Castle Rock Casino challenging the state’s decision moves forward.

The city manager of Pittsburg, the city that is awaiting the construction of the new casino, expressed little concern about the litigation. A decision on the case is expected in January, and development of the Kansas Crossing Casino remains on hold until the legal issues are resolved.

Legal hurdles for major construction projects are not uncommon. Issues like environmental regulations, licensing and zoning could impact a development at any time. Legal reviews of expected issues during the planning stages could allow a business to address potential problems as soon as possible. An attorney familiar with land regulations and who is experienced in representing clients before governmental agencies could review a proposed development and recommend actions to protect the interests of the client. If a challenge arises from a competitor alleging unfair competition, an attorney could prepare evidence citing the developer’s legal rights to conduct business and defend the issue in court.

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