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City plans to use golf course for flood control

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2016 | Condo Association, HOA

There is a controversy over plans to use a golf course in Colorado to control floodwaters during major storms. On April 6, Denver Public Works announced that it would move forward with plans to use the City Park Golf Course to hold and slow floodwaters in the event of major storms. Denver Public Works held almost 90 meetings before reaching the decision.

Former Colorado Attorney General J.D. MacFarlane said that he was very upset by the city’s decision and is planning to fight the floodwater project in court. Notice of the legal action has already been delivered to the Denver city attorney. MacFarlane said that the city is not acting legally in its attempt to seize the property.

Before the city made the decision to use the golf course for flood control, its engineers had identified another low point that could be used. The other low point was a three-block area of the historic Cole neighborhood where as many as 55 homes would have to be seized. The city plans to begin designing the flood control system in 2017, and at least 153 trees will have to be removed from the golf course.

When a commercial real estate developer decides to invest in an urban location, there are many legal issues to consider. Zoning ordinances and proposals for city projects may all play a role in the decision to purchase and develop a piece of land. An attorney can often help a client to determine whether developing a property for condominiums, apartments or office space is likely to cause any legal disputes.