Pokémon Go and its implications for the retail sector

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By this point, most Kansas residents have probably either played Pokémon Go or have at least heard about the phenomenon. Since the game was released on July 6, its popularity has led to a lot of speculation about the game’s implications for commercial real estate and retail business. Analysts are also talking about augmented reality technology in general and its potential ability to merge online shopping with in-store shopping.

While playing Pokémon Go, players track Pokémon through augmented reality on their smartphones. The game gets people on their feet as they move around to different PokéStops and gyms. Sometimes, players get so caught up in the game that they end up trespassing onto private property or even crossing national borders by mistake. Retail establishments may soon start using Pokémon Go to drive foot traffic to their storefronts.

The head of occupier research for Commercial Real Estate Services Group said that she believes augmented reality may soon replace window displays at retail establishments. She also said that augmented reality could be used to provide customers with a powerful in-store experience that may help to sustain the brick-and-mortar retail sector. CBRE also reported that augmented reality has been used at an industrial warehouse to improve efficiency and reduce errors.

Depending on what kind of business is located on itsproperty, a commercial property owner may or may not wish to become a sponsored location for Pokémon Go. Some commercial property owners may even want to take action to keep Pokémon Go players away from their business. A commercial property owner who has questions about Pokémon Go or other augmented reality apps may want to speak to an attorney.


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