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How to settle construction issues

On Behalf of | May 8, 2018 | Construction Litigation

A construction dispute can cost both a contractor and a client time and money. Contractors may also worry that handling a dispute improperly could result in a strained relationship with the client. To reduce the odds of a dispute occurring, it is important to make the contract between the parties as clear as possible. Furthermore, the contractor should create daily reports that address any challenges that were faced in finishing a project on time.

Clarifying the terms of the contract ahead of time could reduce or eliminate the chances of a dispute occurring because of a misunderstanding. In some cases, misreading or misunderstanding a contract’s terms can lead to claims that a contract was breached. If parties to a construction contract find themselves at odds with each other, it may be best to start off by negotiating a solution to the problem.

This could be done privately or with the help of a mediator. If necessary, a person with specialized knowledge can be brought in to examine the claim and issue a ruling. While neither mediation or professional determinations are legally binding, they can help facilitate a conversation or otherwise establish the facts in the case. Those who are seeking an enforceable ruling should look to arbitration or litigation to resolve the matter.

If a home or building is damaged because of construction defects, a contractor may be held liable for costs related to that damage. For instance, a homeowner may have to spend money fixing a cracked foundation or repairing a roof that wasn’t properly installed. Commercial building owners may also file lawsuits or otherwise seek compensation for damages related to contractor errors. An attorney may review a case to determine if a contractor was negligent when improperly constructing a home or commercial building.