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Defects can happen at any stage of construction

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Construction Litigation

A Missouri builder could be liable for various types of construction defects. For example, a company may be held responsible for an issue with the design of a home, how it was put together or for lack of oversight while construction occurred. Liability issues can also ensue if there are problems with the home’s electrical system, doors or windows.

Even if the home is built properly by skilled professionals, the choice of poor building materials could make a structure unsuitable to live in. For example, if shingles are defective, they might allow water to seep into a home. This can also occur if there are problems with drywall or if windows are not properly flashed. A cracked foundation or wall is generally considered to be a construction defect as opposed to a material defect.

However, these cracks can create conditions for moisture to accumulate and lead to the growth of mold. They can also lead to a pest infestation that may cause further damage to the property. In addition, improper construction could lead to conditions in which wood rots or is otherwise damaged. Electrical and mechanical problems can also occur if an object or component of the home is not installed properly.

If construction defects result in damage to a home or building, the owner may want to file a lawsuit. Compensation may help to recoup any down payment or other costs associated with acquiring the property. A lawsuit might also help to recoup any money spent to repair the property. Property owners may improve their odds of obtaining a favorable outcome by hiring an attorney.