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Construction defects can create catastrophe

On Behalf of | May 15, 2023 | Construction Defects

Not all construction projects go smoothly. Many have various “bumps” in their respective “roads. Minor defects are not as dangerous and relatively easy to fix. However, more severe problems, particularly those discovered after completion of work.

Companies facing accusations of defects have their reputations on the line. A track record of project-related problems and result in a business closing, not to mention having to pay damages following a lawsuit.

Types of construction-related problems

Construction defects can take many forms, with the most common being defects in the following:

  • Design: At some point in the process, the design professional fell short in both accuracy and organization. Whether through error or oversight, the outcome is usually redesigning and replacing a part. The omission is more serious and could result in change orders that create more work.
  • Materials: When manufacturers provide materials that are damaged, insufficient, or both, discovering defects occur after they’ve been used to complete a project. The costs are higher with the probability of more labor hours and the replacement of materials. However, damage to reputations can be more severe.
  • Quality: Contractors who don’t pay attention to all the details can lead to structure and component parts failures. From minor issues involving aesthetics to more serious structural integrity, the solutions’ complexity requires identifying the problem’s source. Ultimately, falling short of the basic standards of care can create complexities and catastrophes.

The standard of care must be at the highest level. Falling short in any way can do significant damage to people and property, not to mention innocent victims who suffered injuries caused by preventable oversights.