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Fixing commercial zoning issues

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2016 | Commercial Real Estate

Small business owners and developers in Missouri cannot always find the perfect properties for their planned projects. While a property may be well located and priced right, it may not be zoned for the specific commercial purpose a company wants to use it for. Commercial zoning laws can sometimes interfere with such plans, but they can often be changed.

A commercial real estate developer may be able to get a zoning variance or conditional use permit from the applicable zoning board. Before making an effort to get a favorable outcome, a developer may want to generate support for the new project from the local community. If other business owners in the area support a new commercial project, the board may be more likely to approve a zoning request.

Prominent community members like business owners and members of the chamber of commerce may voice support for a rezoning request if they believe that the new project will be good for the local economy. Once community members agree to support a new project, they may be asked to speak to the zoning board in person or write a letter that can be presented to the zoning board.

An attorney may be able to help a real estate developer to gather support for a rezoning request. An attorney may also help to put together arguments to present to the city’s zoning board. If the zoning board does not agree to rezone a property for commercial development, an attorney may help the property owner to appeal the decision in court, but this can be a lengthy endeavor.