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Holiday shops can bring new life to shopping malls

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2017 | Commercial Real Estate

Missouri shopping malls can sometimes face significant gaps in their assortment of stores, especially when national retailers shut down. Whether due to the low prices and large scale of online retailers or the transition to walkable outdoor spaces, mall vacancies can give customers a bad impression of commercial real estate. However, specialty shops that lease mall space for only a short period of time can help to thin out the gaps and provide new options for shopping mall owners.

These “pop-up shops” are temporary retail locations that keep a physical presence for only a few months at a time. In some cases, like holiday-themed stores, the pop-up shop may come back every year. In other cases, pop-up locations may be part of a corporate promotion, marketing campaign or trendy special. When national retailers take up to six months to even complete a contract, these themed shops can keep one area of a mall bustling and active after a store closure.

For just one example, Spirit Halloween is operating 1,300 temporary stores throughout North America in 2017. These holiday shops can be very popular for commercial property owners as well as families and other fans of holidays. They tend to be located in busy, active areas like shopping malls or town centers. Because they will only have a physical location for a short time, it’s important that their customers can locate them easily and that they’re available to a significant amount of walk-in traffic.

A pop-up shop can be an interesting choice for a holiday specialist or online business looking to break into retail with marketing campaigns and special events. A commercial real estate lawyer can help business owners to negotiate both short- and long-term real estate contracts and manage their transactions successfully.