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Industrial space proving to be a major asset in ecommerce

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2018 | Commercial Real Estate

As the consumer retail business continues to shift toward e-commerce in greater numbers, Colorado businesses may find themselves shuffling to keep up with the increased demands for adequate storage solutions for their inventory. As major players in the online retailing business continue to expand their products and services, other retailers that were traditionally brick-and-mortar businesses have also followed suit by offering their merchandise to consumers online.

It may be difficult for smaller companies to compete with an online behemoth such as Amazon. With the advent of its Prime membership services and the two-day shipping guarantee that accompanies membership, Amazon has constructed dozens of storage facilities named “fulfillment centers.”

While it may not be feasible for smaller companies to follow Amazon’s example entirely, it might be a good idea for these companies to consider making use of industrial space to accomplish the same end. Successful companies that have implemented this strategy have incorporated using warehouse space for more than simply storage of inventory but also as a hub for sales, distribution and other functions.

As e-commerce continues to broaden the customer base of these companies, some of them have met the challenge to expand their existing capacity for inventory by purchasing additional industrial space. The off-site space can be a lucrative investment by enabling a company to fulfill customer orders faster and with greater efficiency.

When the decision is made for the construction of commercial facilities for warehousing, including the purchase of real estate, navigating various zoning laws and transacting real estate closings, it is a good idea to seek the services of a legal firm experienced in these types of transactions. Real estate transactions can be complicated, but commercial real estate deals may be better understood with the help of legal professionals.