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Driving Success For Commercial Suppliers

The attorneys of Long & Robinson, LLC, have served commercial suppliers in the construction industry for years. You can count on us to understand your needs when it comes to resolving payment disputes on construction projects located around the country.

Our Kansas City firm represents commercial suppliers in a wide range of debt-related construction disputes. These disputes involve delay and payment claims as well as mechanic’s liens and bond claims.

We regularly work with commercial collections departments in construction matters. As a result, we hit the ground running in your case, providing you with legal representation that is as effective as it is economically efficient. Contact us to discuss your legal issue with an experienced attorney today.

Let Us Provide You With The Collections Claim Analysis You Need

You may be the supplier of materials such as steel, asphalt, flooring or some other commodity. Whatever your area of expertise, our attorneys will provide you with the thorough collection claims analysis you need in order to understand your rights and your options.

Do not confuse us with your traditional consumer collections law firm. Our collections efforts are uniquely focused on those collection disputes associated with the construction industry. Our entire firm, in fact, is committed to the construction industry in all of its varieties.

For that reason, our collection claims analysis already knows how to focus on those items that may be of unique importance to you as a commercial supplier. These items can often include:

  • The highly complex rules applicable to public projects
  • The features of the various commonly used industry-standard contracts
  • The consequences involved should a customized contract depart from those industry-standard contracts
  • The effect of any local laws on your case
  • How your situation may be affected by dispute resolution clauses

We will also advise you as to your options. These options may include filing a lawsuit, further negotiation, making a bond claim or filing a mechanic’s lien, just to name a few possibilities.

Put Our Attorneys To Work On Your Payment Dispute

We are aggressive. Our firm’s lawyers do not just send letters and hope you receive payment. Instead, we file liens, we make bond claims, and we file suits. We do what needs to be done.

To learn more about how we can help you protect your rights as a commercial supplier in a payment dispute, please schedule an initial consultation with us. Call 816-708-2218 or reach us online.