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New construction or rehabilitation projects — whether residential or commercial — do not always end up meeting acceptable standards. Construction defects that were either overlooked or covered up can come to light at a later time, resulting in significant financial hardship for the owning association or property management company. The legal system affords a path to allocating responsibility and recouping those costs.

For contractors, construction defect claims can pose a risk of significant liability, particularly for those without insurance coverage (or adequate coverage). Experienced legal counsel is essential for successfully defending against defect claims in this niche area of law. Contact our law office in Kansas City to arrange a consultation and get the support you need.

Uniquely Positioned For Success In Pursuing Or Defending Against Defect Claims

At the construction law firm of Long & Robinson, LLC, in Kansas City, our attorneys handle construction defect claims for both plaintiffs and defendants. Our clients include contractors, subcontractors, condominiums, homeowners’ associations and property management companies (both residential and commercial).

Because we have experience representing both sides in these disputes, we understand how to approach them from all angles. Our team of talented attorneys stands apart in terms of experience, expertise and efficiency.

The firm’s winning record of results demonstrates our high level of expertise in this niche area of law. Our attorneys have successfully obtained tens of millions of dollars in financial recovery for associations and owners in construction defect claims.

We Excel At Navigating Complex Issues

Defective construction can cause problems for owners and residents in any type of residential or commercial property, including condominiums, rehabilitation projects, retail structures and office buildings. Our attorneys have experience handling numerous types of defects such as:

  • Water intrusion into the building envelope, including roofs, windows and exterior cladding
  • Defective stucco and masonry (building envelope)
  • Defective roofing
  • Defective windows
  • Soil and erosion issues
  • Design defects
  • Inferior building materials
  • Electrical defects
  • Asphalt defects
  • Glazing defects
  • Mechanical (HVAC) defects
  • Other defects in condominiums

Often, the insurance issues that accompany defect claims can be complex. We can skillfully navigate these issues, identifying the scope of coverage and pursuing claims under the right policy.

For contractors, we provide direct representation, and we also serve as advisory counsel for those with insurance coverage. Insurance-provided defense counsel often do not have the same level of experience in defending against construction defect claims. Our attorneys can monitor insurance-provided defense counsel, applying our specialized skill and knowledge of this niche area to ensure that contractors receive the utmost level of detailed, professional guidance.

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