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Construction conflicts cost money. Enter the contract

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When Noah built the ark there was no written record of who would do what or what the expectations were. Noah got the word from on high and oversaw all the work himself.

These days, that kind of situation wouldn’t fly. Construction projects are costly affairs that involve a lot of different players. The process of getting the job from start to satisfactory finish involves management of a lot of facets. In some instances it might be documentation. In others it might be dealing with personalities. In still others, it might be handling finances, vendors, or individual contractors.

At any given point in the process, something can go wrong with one of those elements and trigger contract disputes that cause delays. And as anyone involved in the construction industry in Kansas knows, delays cost money. 

As a result, contracts are critical. If they have been negotiated, drafted and reviewed with the necessary precision regarding language and attention to detail by skilled attorneys, the risks of disputes should be minimized. If issues still surface, that same legal skill and expertise should be ready to be leveraged to resolve matters.

Depth of understanding of construction business standards and needs is not something one acquires through book learning. It is too complicated for that. It requires experience that comes from focus in that particular area of law and through dealing with the issues that may arise between any of the given players.

Whether you are a condominium board or commercial developer; an individual contractor or a large construction company; if you are our client, our top priority is your success.

Our practical philosophy is rooted in our experience that complex cases are usually handled most effectively through collaboration. But that same depth experience also means we are prepared for litigation if it’s required. To learn more about how we might help you, contact us.