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What types of zoning laws are there?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2014 | Commercial Real Estate

When a Kansas business is considering a commercial real estate transaction to either purchase a property or lease it for business purposes, it is vitally important for the business to consider any land use restrictions that may be in place due to zoning laws. Depending on the area in which the property is located, different types of zoning may exist that impact the property’s allowable uses.

Zones may be urban ones or rural ones. In urban areas, there may be various commercial zones that specify the type of business and the allowable parking, as well as mixed use zones in which a given area may allow a mix of residential and commercial uses. Some companies by the nature of the business they conduct are relegated to industrial-only zones. Others may be prohibited from being located within a specified distance of a school or church.

In rural areas, certain zones specify land contained within them as for agricultural purposes only. Ranchers who raise cattle and farmers who have other types of farm animals may also be limited by various rural zoning laws.

When a business is considering a certain commercial property for its operations, understanding the zoning laws can be vital. Even if a specific property appears to have a good location for the business, the zoning laws in the area may prevent the business from acting in their intended way. Businesses who are considering commercial development may benefit by seeking the assistance of legal counsel as the business goes through the property locating and acquisition process.

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