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On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2015 | Condo Association, HOA

Many construction companies are in the business of building new condominium and housing developments. Once construction is done, though, the maintenance and upkeep of those neighborhoods usually falls to the condominium or homeowners association. If the construction company cut corners to reduce costs or speed up construction time, then the homeowners association could have a host of legal issues that it needs to work through. If you’re on a condominium or homeowners association, then it’s important that you have an experienced legal partner who can help you navigate the process of correcting construction problems.

One common problem that associations face is with construction defects that are common to all the units. Individual homeowners may be responsible for defects that are specific to their unit. However, if the defect is common to all units or is located in a common area, the burden may fall on the association. These issues can include defective roofing on a condominium building, water intrusion and insufficient drainage, or even foundation issues. The association will need to find a solution to the issue, which could be very costly.

In some cases, a condominium or homeowners association could pursue compensation from the construction company’s insurance company. While the insurance company may be responsible for paying a claim, the process for filing the claim can often be complex and lengthy. The insurance company may want to engage in negotiations that are highly technical. For some condominium and homeowners associations, navigating this process can be overwhelming.

An knowledgeable attorney with construction defect experience could help you and your fellow board members determine the best path for obtaining compensation for a common defect. He or she could work with you to file a claim and advocate for your interests in any claim negotiations. For more information on our services for construction defects for condominiums and homeowners associations, please visit our construction defects page.