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Cardi B countersues in contract dispute

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2018 | Contract Disputes

Missouri residents who enjoy hip-hop may be familiar with the music of Cardi B. She is currently in a dispute with WorldStar Marketing Group owned by a man known as Shaft. He claims that the company had an exclusive one-year deal with the rapper with the option to represent her for four more years. According to the lawsuit, Worldwide Marketing was entitled to 20 percent of Cardi B’s income.

However, representatives for Cardi B say that she terminated the contract by the end of February 2018 and did so in compliance with a written notice requirement. The singer claims that she was the victim of fraud and a material breach of the contract by Shaft. It was alleged that there were side deals being made by Shaft that led to Cardi B potentially losing money. An attorney for Cardi B claims that she should be entitled to any income lost because of those deals.

Even when the terms of a contract seem clear to both parties, it is possible that those terms are misinterpreted at some point. For instance, one party may believe it has the right to exit an agreement prior to its expiration. If the other side doesn’t agree, it could lead to a dispute that needs to be resolved through negotiations. When contracts are materially breached, litigation or arbitration might be necessary.

Those who are involved in a contract dispute may wish to seek the advice of an attorney who can review the agreement to determine if a breach may have occurred. If it is likely that its terms were violated, legal action might be advisable.