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YouTube producer embroiled in costly contract dispute

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Contract Disputes

A YouTube video producer popular among fans in Missouri and across the country has filed a counterclaim against a firearms manufacturer that had earlier agreed to sponsor the producer’s online work. The video channel’s filing claimed that Radian Weapons is in breach of its contract because the company decided that it no longer wanted to bear the costs of video sponsorship. The YouTube producer also claimed that the company actually waged an online campaign against its videos, generating an “excessive” number of thumbs-down or “dislikes” on the producer’s work. This campaign disrupted the YouTuber’s contracts with other sponsors according to the complaint.

The YouTube video channel focuses on demonstrations of guns or other weapons and, like much online content, partially supports its work through sponsorships and paid advertising from relevant brands. The weapons manufacturer had agreed to pay 3 cents for each view of a specific YouTube video over a 6-month period. After the video producer demanded payment, the company refused, claiming that the video was not posted properly and that the producer did not inform them of YouTube policy changes.

The YouTuber said that the contract dispute was prompted by the company’s unwillingness to pay the required funds rather than any behavior on the producer’s part. The producer’s counterclaim notes that the video was published publicly and that Radian officials had acknowledged that the company received increased sales and web traffic as a result of the partnership. After the dispute moved to negotiations, the YouTube channel was suddenly hit by a large number of “dislikes.”

Breach of contract disputes can affect digital media businesses just as much as manufacturing or other traditional brick-and-mortar companies. A contract dispute can have a major impact on income, and it’s important to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. A business and commercial lawyer may provide representation in an effort to hold other parties accountable for their commitments.