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The challenges facing construction companies

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2023 | Construction Litigation

While countless construction projects move along smoothly to completion, others end up languishing due to disputes between multiple parties that must work together. Individual dynamics tend to change as the process evolves, often resulting in claims that often lead to litigation.

Claims take many forms that include the following:

Construction defects

These types of claims result from failures involving poor design, workmanship, and materials that may cost the owner more money. Common problems can range from everything from foundation cracks to leaking roofs. While issues arise, those that result in financial damage to the owner due to loss of use/value or repair costs require correction.

Mechanic’s Liens

Subcontractors and suppliers may file mechanic’s liens that were improved by labor, materials, or equipment supplied by these professionals but not paid for by the general contractor. Essentially, it helps them recover payments owed by the property owner, not the general contractor.

Breach of contract

Failing to perform any and all promises on a valid contract without what is deemed a “legal excuse” can result in a breach that may result in damages. The other party has a legal right to remedy, providing they have complied fully with the contract. These accusations can result from multiple contracts signed by owners and contractors.

Construction delays

Often taking the form of schedule-related disputes, claims account for events and circumstances that no one could have predicted. Remedies include deadline extensions and negatively impacting the completion of the overall work process. When it seriously affects the project, it necessitates an extension of time and the possibility of additional compensation.

Handing a construction-related dispute often requires the help of a skilled attorney to find the best resolution with minimal impact on a project.