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What causes construction delays?

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2023 | Construction Litigation

Despite intensive planning and attention to all the details, construction projects suffer delays for various reasons. In addition to the aggravation, significant amounts of money are at stake. Many interruptions are caused by weather, something no one can control. Others involve issues with equipment, lack of staffing, oversights, and disputes.

Estimate errors

One of the more common delays results from oversights in estimates. Making these types of mistakes can have catastrophic consequences, potentially delaying the project for weeks and months. In more extreme cases, entire initiatives can be dropped.

Attending to the detail ensures enough financing for materials, wages, and all other aspects of the project.

Dated technology

Delays can also happen due to “old-school” approaches, such as outdated spreadsheet programs and other so-called software solutions. As with other slow-downs, the impact on construction projects is significant.

Many professionals turn to software to simplify the bidding and estimating process while providing project planning tools, specifically cloud-based solutions that automate workflows and provide real-time data and analysis. Speeding up the process helps to ramp up projects faster.

Labor shortages

Few factors slow down a construction project more than a lack of workers. A decade-old recession saw many layoffs of skilled workers who found employment in other industries. Add to that a younger generation not pursuing construction work.

Again, projects fueled by labor management solutions company-wide powered by technology can ensure proper work crew allocation and ensure adherence to timelines. Project managers can more easily assess with appropriate workforce and employees best suited for specific tasks.

The construction business has changed over the decades. However, many companies are sticking to age-old practices and ancient technology. New approaches can make the process easier, if not put a few more dollars into their bottom lines.